When I Was Yvonne Himan: Early Awards and Opportunities

I have practiced skills for community publication since I was a third grader.

From age 8-18, I was involved in various media productions, including:

This early skill building availed me to have some amazing opportunities.

Key interviews and points of correspondence

Statewide award winning documentary team

2000. National History Day, "Turning Points in History"

District representative of young writers

2003. Maui Writer's Conference, Young Writer's Scholarship Winner

Scholarship essay award winner

2004. "Voice of Democracy"

Article published to statewide newspaper

2004. "Students explore creative freedom in poetry"

State award winning journalism team

2004. "Overall Co-Winner - 2004 Hawaii High School Journalism Contest"

Featured in a cover story, On Behalf of the Future (2007).

2007. James & Abigail Campbell Family Foundation 2007 Annual Report, On Behalf of the Future

Other highlights not listed among those archived above include: