Articulate Weekly Challenges

By day, I am an e-Developer for Briljent. By night, I sharpen my skills demonstrating a solution to a weekly challenge prompted by Articulate.

#417 Share Your E-Learning Accessibility Makeovers

417 'alawa Accessibility Makeover | Review 360

I revisited one of my first challenge story files for this quick demo. I focused on some of the "core skills" of digital accessibility.


#407 Using Microlearning in Rise 360

407 'alawa How to Author Accessibly in Microsoft Word | Review 360

First Rise 360 Microlearning course used to introduce a synchronous training I provided about authoring accessibly in Microsoft Word. The course presents formally, for participant future reference. 

If you're curious about document accessibility or Section 508 conformance, this might be a handy introduction. 


#400 Using TikTok-Style Videos in Online Corporate Training

Upgrade your pass word to a pass phrase demo.

400 'alawa Short Form Video | Review 360

38 second short explainer video about upgrading a password to a passphrase. Tips include reliably using your own system of special characters and numbers to substitute for vowels and consonants in a pass phrase.

Needs work: Closed captions, subtitles, or an audio transcript must be added for improved usability and accessibility.


#399 Using Pantone's 2023 Color of the Year in E-Learning

Landing page of 2023 Ringing in the Magentaverse demo.

399 'alawa 2023 Pantone Color of the Year | Review360

Happy Holidays, all! The E-Learning Heroes Challenges community has been a valuable place to spend my time. It's opened up opportunities for meaningful work and friendships. Thanks to David Anderson, Articulate, and the esteemed ELH challengers!

I played with a mix of Rise360 and Storyline360 this week. Take a dive into the Magentaverse palette and learn about additive color models.


#398 Using E-Learning to Show How Things Work

Liter of Light (Isang Litrong Liwanag) has been a charity I have been following for over 10 years. It was especially important to me not only because of its human and ecological impact, but personally because it shed light on my mother's upbringing on a Post-WWII, off-grid farm in the Philippines.

The sections about how the inventions work are included, but brief, because I really wanted to set the stage for the affective portion of this storytelling - the reality that moved me even a decade ago. I may add to the "how it works" section in time. 


#397 Using Monochromatic Color Themes in E-Learning Design

I learned that sepia is represented on the web by a unique color: Hex #704214

I navigated to the following website to generate tints and shades of sepia and used the copy feature to build out my color theme in Storyline360: 


#396 Custom Glossary Interactions in E-Learning

On the developer side, I created many line motion paths, and drew every graphic in Storyline. I wanted to play with features to see what I could create. I also used my first Dialog layer to share some Developer Notes (aka nerdy ramblings). 


#395 Share Your E-Learning Certficate of Completion Template

My quickest challenge yet: 35 minutes from beginning to posting. Presenting a portrait-oriented certificate of appreciation. 


#394 How to Make the Perfect Fruit Smoothie

I was curious about allowing the user to explore nutrition data for the recipe as well as laying the ground work for an accessible smoothie simulation. I played with leveraging the timeline to create a basic animated blending effect. I'll add alternative text and resource links the next time I have a couple of spare evening hours.  


#393 Share Your Tips for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse This Halloween

Something simple that I had way too much fun writing. Presents like an e-book, ending with a space for the user to write and save their own tip, ala ELH Challenge #392.  


#392 Using Variables to Create Question and Answer Activities

A rare bout of insomnia caused me to pull together this "Dream Log."  


#391 How Do Course Designers Build Custom Graphics for E-Learning

Screencast: Creating a Scalable Vector Graphic in Google Slides. I used Articulate Replay for the first time to put my video together. It was simple and straightforward to use, and I could also publish the video to Review360. I also hosted the video on Youtube to add closed captions. 


#390 Custom Bookmarking and Conditional Navigation in E-Learning

After work tonight, I sat and thought about what things in my life must follow a sequence, and considered my calendar. Here's an example of conditional navigation, using a Mid-Century Modern Desert .emf I drew in Storyline. The future dates are disabled until the user clicks the immediate date, which changes the state of the subsequent dates to normal.  


#388 Using Personality and Social Quizzes in E-Learning Design

I really just wanted to play with using video, music, and images from the first Indie Game of the Year (2020), and one I want to make time to beat. I emailed the company for copyright permissions and was sent a link to their generous credited use policy. 


#387 Using Scrolling Panels to Manage Content in E-Learning

Thanks to Jonathan Hill's comment about Challenge #273, I modified the Javascript of Preethi Ravisankar, his own, and Chris Hodgson's to attempt to simulate a "Scrolly Telling" style website that triggers actions based on scrollbar position. I was not able to make it as smooth as I'd like yet, though it seems to work best with slow and steady scrolling.


#386 Using Brutalist Design in E-Learning

I modified Storyline's "Resonate" template with an attempt at a Brutalist flair. Brutalist-esque style + Flat design elements + Office-themed photography (Content Library). Interactions are select-to-reveal, this time using change of states with initial states of key items set to "Hidden" and made "Normal" upon user selection.  


#385 Showing Interactive Comparisons in E-Learning

Happy 10 years, ELH Challenges!

This anniversary challenge helped me reflect on where the last 10+ years have gone. I compared Skeuomorphism / Flat / Glassmorphism because I did not have a strong understanding of what each trend was (and doing is learning for me). I dug up my own archived art examples, created month / year calendar examples, and wrote hypothetical productivity styles to describe the vibe of each design trend. 


#384 Using Pictograms to Design Custom E-Learning Characters

I continued my exploration of triggering interactions on a single slide using cue points, while leveraging the timeline to show how I layered Storyline360 shapes to form these pictogram musicians. 


#383 Project Management Tips for E-Learning Designers

I experimented with making Zoom Regions triggered by user click using this video tutorial by Veronica Budnikas:

The resulting single-slide project allows you to magnify four different regions that discuss tips for file management when juggling contracts and multiple clients. 


#381 Mixology and Beverage-Making Classes with E-Learning

Exploration of Drag and Drop with set targets and variable triggers to brew tea in a "low-tech" fashion. 


#380 Simulating Real-World Activites with Drag-and-Drop Simulations

A simple drag and drop task with targets set to (None) / Free.